Friday, November 26, 2010

I interviewed the director Tom Hooper this week. He is the director of the new film King's Speech. After the interview I shot him writing down three words that were important to him for a music video thing for the network. The three words, each on a separate page, were: Find Your Voice.

I shot him with a palm tree behind him, in front of the Gray's Anatomy set. He dropped each word and then walked away.

Where is my voice?

I shot Sara Palin at Dancing with the Stars the day before. She was there to cheer on her daughter, who doesn't say much, even though she's on national television. She doesn't seem to think she needs to say much.

My voice. my voice.

I haven't been swimming this week. Thanksgiving was yesterday. I said i was thankful for tolerance. People joked that i meant tolerance for being able to drink a lot. I took another drink and said tolerance because we all have good and bad days. M said most of the conversation was about masturbation. I told the one about how our bulldog masturbates. Pretends to scratch his armpit but actually masturbates. You hear his foot thumping on the floor and you know what he's up to...